Amirreza Kamkar

About Me

Amirreza Kamkar is a nightscape photographer and journalist based in Iran. He is the third winner of the 2016 International Earth and Sky Photo Contest in the Against the Lights category and the winner of 2017 Earth and Sky Photo Contest in Against the Light (timelapse section) category. His photos also have been published in several astronomical and pop-science magazines such as Discover, Sky and Telescope, Astronomy, Astronomy Now, Sky at Night and Astrosurf (cover). Several of his images have been published in popular astronomical websites including Bad Astronomy,, EPOD, Astronomy magazine’s website and TWAN guest gallery. Amirreza is also a lecturer in the TWAN (The World At Night) project workshops in Iran. He also writes about astrophotography and night sky observing in Iranian websites and magazines.